Welcome to Bricks Four You check out our page for what we sell for lego parts.

We are a small seller that sells new lego parts that we arent using in our own collection for personal lego building use. We only sell within the United States that I live in because of the additional fees we would be paying for international fees so if your from Europe or another country check out a different seller that ships near you instead. We will update this from time to time with more new lego parts to sell.

I deleted most all my items so I can re organize what i have and decide what I am going to sell. I will be selling various lego pieces and minifigure heads, torsos and minifigure feet

Hope you enjoy my webstore and looking forward for you to use my brickowl page soon

Shipping is $6.00 for all my items 

Thank you for waiting while we get more items for you to buy soon. Have a Nice Day and looking forward to your business